Whitepaper:  Should I Switch Applicant Tracking Systems?

Companies frequently ask us about the benefits of switching Applicant Tracking Systems. Unfortunately, switching ATS's often results in significant costs but only marginal benefit over your current system. There is often a "grass is greener" mirage regarding a new ATS implementation. Therefore, it's important to recognize that there is no silver bullet product out there and the fact that the ATS market is extremely fragmented helps to prove that point.

In our whitepaper "Should I Switch Applicant Tracking Systems?" we review the state of the ATS marketplace and guide you through the considerations that are most important for your recruiting operations when evaluating the features and benefits of available products on the market. We also provide you with a punch list of tasks that will need to be completed so that you can fully understand the process involved in a successful ATS system migration.

So before you finalize your decision, we encourage you to download our "Should I Switch Applicant Tracking Systems?" whitepaper to use as a reference guide when evaluating the costs, benefits and action steps of making a change.

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