Need a CRM but don't want to spend a fortune on a standalone system?

DashCRM is a low cost, easy-to-use candidate relationship management solution inside your existing Taleo Business Edition. Stop using "dummy requisitions" or other workarounds in Taleo to try to pipeline candidates.

Fast. Inexpensive. Easy.

Pipeline candidates, manage prevously-sourced talent pipelines, and deliver email campaigns all from within your existing Taleo Business Edition system.

What are the benefits of using a recruiting CRM system?    Answer

DashCRM Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
One-time fixed cost to implement
Finally a low-cost candidate relationship management tool. No per user license or ongoing fees.
DashCRM has only a low one-time setup cost. Therefore, you avoid spending thousands of dollars every year on a complex, standalone CRM which sits outside of your ATS.
Organize and manage "future interest" prospects
We make it easy to search and retrieve qualified applicants from your custom candidate pipelines when new suitable job opportunities arise.
Fill positions faster
Tap into pre-qualified, known candidate pipelines for your organization.
Unlimited number of users with no "per-seat" license costs Scalable
DashCRM grows as your team grows, but there are never any additional costs.
Easy to use
Because DashCRM is integrated into your existing TBE system, users are already familiar with how the system works.
No Training Required
DashCRM is incredibly easy to use, with no training required. Recruiters don't need to learn and master a new system.
Hide functionality from hiring managers or specific Taleo users
DashCRM is easy to configure on a per user basis.
You control who in your organization has access to your talent pipelines
Share talent pipelines across recruiters
Pipelining candidates makes your recruiters more productive at filling your most important positions.
Increase the long-term return on your proactive recruiting efforts
Talent pipelines and data stay with your organization if recruiters leave.
Flexible and expandable
Create and manage unlimited numbers and types of talent pipelines
DashCRM adapts to your organizations changing needs and requirements
Works inside your existing Taleo Business Edition
You can have powerful candidate relationship management capabilities in a matter of days.
Maximize your investment in Taleo by enhancing its capabilities
DashCRM is an alternative to Avature or SalesForce.com. No need to train your staff on another new "system."
Send unlimited targeted, branded email campaigns to your talent pipelines Keep in touch and engage candidate pipelines quickly and efficiently