TBE Performance Management

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Your company's success begins and ends with talent. Therefore, make sure that your employees are providing maximum value to your organization.

TBE Performance Management Implementation Services

We will implement TBE Perform to provide you the tools you need to succeed with your human capital management strategy. We will comprehensively configure the Taleo Perform module to meet your requirements in a best practice way.

Oracle TBE Performance Management Feature Implementation
Configure TBE Perform Goals Management Be strategic: establish qualitative and quantitative employee goals, define expectations, and align employee goals to broader company objectives to keep top talent engaged and productive.
Best practice setup of TBE Employee Website portal Strategically ensure performance expectations are understood by providing employees easy access to assigned goals, performance reviews and self-assessments with the Taleo online portal.
Fully configure TBE Performance Management review templates Define and monitor full employee review cycles using configurable, flexible review templates and business processes.
Best practice implementation of Taleo Perform manager self-service technology Quickly and easily initiate performance review processes using a behavioral competencies library. Strategically manage employee self-appraisals and manager assessments
Customize Taleo 360 degree multi-rater feedback Enhance performance reviews with comprehensive feedback using best-practice, 360-degree review Taleo feedback technology.
Fully enable TBE Perform Career Planning functionality Effectively and efficiently manage and track best practice succession planning data with TBE Perform: promotion readiness, employee ambitions, educational progress, willingness to relocate, areas of expertise, languages spoken, and flight risk potential.
Comprehensive configuration of Taleo Perform Administration Work smarter: reduce manual HR tasks by automating repetitive tasks using templates, and easily customizing the TBE Employee Website Portal and access control settings.
Configure TBE Employee records Easily manage employee data, create and assign weighted goals, and create and manage performance reviews.
Integration with TBE Compensation available Tie TBE Performance data directly to compensation using Oracle TBE Compensation and the Taleo Pay-for-Performance framework.
Taleo Performance Module
Training & Ongoing Support
Want to quicky get your team up to speed? No problem. We provide TBE Perform End User Training as well as TBE Performance Management System Administrator Training.

Need ongoing support for TBE Perform? We are here to support you and have world-class support options to choose from.

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation scoping call where we can discss your specific performance management system requirements, give you an outline of a potential solution, and answer any questions that you may have.

Why do leading companies choose RecruitingDash?

It's not a coincidence that companies known for their great HR practices trust us to implement and maintain their Oracle Taleo Business Edition Perform system. Some of the reasons why you should work with us:

  • Our consultants have completed over 500 TBE engagements
    We are the world leader in all things Taleo Business Edition. Simply put - nobody has more TBE consulting experience than we do.
  • We are not just a consulting company
    We also build software to enhance Taleo Business Edition - we know TBE inside and out. Our deep technical expertise is at your disposal and often comes in handy during Taleo system implementations.
  • TBE is not a side consulting practice for us
    We don't do other types of systems consulting. All we do is Taleo Business Edition, so our consultants know the right questions to ask, and the right configurations to make.
  • We really, really know human capital management
    We have been in your shoes! Having led HR and talent acquisition teams at companies like Google and Starbucks- companies that are benchmarks for human capital management best practices worldwide- we understand your challenges, constraints and goals. This means we deliver solutions that work in the real world, are cost effective and practical.
  • We deliver best practice solutions
    To get the most from your Taleo Performance Management module, it must to be custom-fit to your organization and tailored to your recruiting process, but also deployed in a best-practice way. We always do both.

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation scoping call where we can discss your specific compensation system requirements, give you an outline of a potential solution, and answer any questions that you may have.