Custom Interview Training

We develop and deliver world-class behavioral interview training that is grounded in both best practices and science.

World-class companies invest in and develop the interview and assessment skills of their hiring teams to insure that hiring quality is maintained over time and volume.

Feature Benefit
Customized to fit your culture and unique requirements
You have unique needs, so we customize our select and assessment training to fit your organization's culture, business requirements, and hiring teams to deliver relevant, credible and practical skill development.
Credible results
Participants frequently tell us that our training is some of the best they've had in their career. Our practical, skill-building exercises, interview job aides, and other tools assure that your organization will experience measurable, sustainable improvement in quality of hire.
Our methodologies are based on science and best practices
Our interview training curricula is backed by hard-science as well as best practices borrowed from companies renowned for superior human capital management practices. This means you receive interview training that is not only credible and fact-based but also practical and useful to your hiring teams.
Integrated with your competency models, interview approach, and existing processes and tools
Improving quality of hire requires a systems based approach. That's one of the reasons we partner with clients to insure that our behavioral training is integrated with existing recruiting processes. Effective BI training must be additive to the hiring systems at your organization, not a standalone event.
Delivery is one of our strengths
Whether we are delivering training via technology, train the trainer, webinar, or in a traditional classroom setting, participants will rate our interview training as some of the most valuable they have received in their career.
Long-lasting and sustainable
We partner closely with clients to deliver organizational competency in candidate selection and assessment that persists and sustains within your organization. We can help make sure that candidate assessment skill development "sticks."
Practical and relevant
We have all sat through training that was great in theory, but was never going to work in the real world. All of our training is customized, practical, and grounded in adult learning theory so participants receive real value that they will put into practice immediately.
In most cases, we partner with our clients to develop, deliver and then transfer the interviewing training curricula to their organization in a way that allows the material to grow and scale along with the organization.
Interview legal Do's & Don'ts
Our candidate selection training improves quality of hire, improves hiring manager candidate interviewing skill, but also reduces legal risk by addressing the legal implications related to interviewing candidates.
Reduce legal risk
Some hiring managers are not trained in what not to ask in an interview, which increases the legal risk for your organization. We partner with client legal teams to mitigate legal risks related to interviewing.
We work within your budget to deliver the most value to you, and also to each participant. Let's work together to craft a program that works within your constraints.