Recruiting Department Audit

We consult with organizations of all sizes, across a variety of industries, to do a comprehensive audit and review of all aspects of recruiting operations.

Want To Take Your Recruiting To The Next Level?

As former recruiting leaders of some of the world's most noteworthy recruiting teams, we have been in your shoes. We examine your recruiting personnel, process, and technology and recommend practical solutions that create real value.

Do you worry that your recruiters' interpretation of best practice is not current or in line with business needs? Have you ever wondered whether you are getting best value for your recruitment spend? Have you ever thought that the competition seem to be one step ahead of you in recruiting? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you should talk to us about our recruitment audit.

We provide a comprehensive set of best practice recommendations for the three key drivers of your recruiting operations:


1. Are your people the right people, and are they focused on the right activities?
2. Do they possess the behavioral competencies that define great recruiters?
3. Do your recruiters know the nuance and art of sourcing, recruiting and hiring passive talent?
4. Are they properly paid, trained, managed, assessed and empowered?
5. Do they build and maintain great relationships with those in their network, including future talent (talent pipelines, CRM)?


1. Are your recruiting processes efficient based on the business needs and compliance considerations? Are they properly documented?
2. Does your team have a clear understanding of recruiting best practices?
3. Are you outsourcing the right things? Is your your outsourcing effective? How do you know?
4. Do you know which job boards are effective and is your job board spend appropriate based on the results you are achieving?
5. Have you defined mission critical roles for the organization and are they aligned with the overall business goals and strategy?


1. Does your ATS and other recruiting technology work for your recruiting process and business requirements?
2. Are your recruiters fully utilizing the most important aspects of your recruiting technology to maximize your investment?
3. Is your technology cumbersome for your recruiters? Does it takes too many clicks for your recruiters to do their jobs?
4. Does the recruiting team rely on manual processing in your recruiting workflow?
5. Are your recruiters manually screening every resume?

Ready to kick your recruiting department into a higher gear? Contact us today to discuss how we might help you get the process started.

Some signs that you need a recruiting audit...

  • Your spend on search fees and outsourcing of recruiting process seems exorbitant
  • You do not have any meaningful recruiting metrics but you wish you did
  • Recruiters are consistently falling short on meeting established key performance indicators or metrics
  • There is too much manual processing in your recruiting workflow
  • Your recruiting team isn't using recruiting technology properly
  • You are concerned about job board spending; you can't tell what job boards are effective
  • You start recruiting from scratch on key positions rather than having established talent pipelines for mission critical roles
  • Recruiters are spending too much time processing paper and resumes and not enough time actually recruiting
  • Business leaders are cutting your recruiters out of the process and sourcing, interviewing and hiring without your input