Do you struggle to produce the recruiting reports, metrics and analytics you need?
We have the solution. Recruiting leaders around the globe are using ReportingDash to completely automate their metrics, reporting and dashboards.

Advanced analytics, recruiting metrics & dashboards
from Taleo Business Edition

ReportingDash is a cost-effective, subscription-based SaaS reporting solution that provides actionable business intelligence from Taleo Business Edition.

ReportingDash Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Strategic insight
ReportingDash delivers advanced recruiting metrics, trend data, key performance indicators (KPIs) and real business intelligence and insight.
Strategically partner with the business
Deliver credible business intelligence on talent acquisition trends, issues, and uncover opportunities to partner with the business.
Create and share recruiting dashboards
Use our proprietary technology to share real time talent acquisition dashboards with stakeholders across your organization.
Improve your credibility
Hint: your executives want HR and recruiting to be more data driven. ReportingDash enables you to deliver accurate, credible, on-demand metrics and recruiting analytics regarding every aspect of your department's activity.
Cost effective
ReportingDash is highly cost-effective investments in your recruiting department. Increased productivity means the payback period is only a few months for most organizations.
Improve recruiting process efficiency and effectiveness by identifying bottlenecks, unnecessary delays, and other waste in your "talent supply chain" to deliver a lean recruiting process.

Improve recruiter productivity and performance by measuring all facets of performance, delivery and recruiting process time.
Every best-practice metric, report or dashboard all from your existing ATS data
ReportingDash delivers a comprehensive suite of recruiting metrics, dashboards, and human capital analytics. It's time we all go beyond "time to fill" and difficult to create Taleo Insight reports!
Save time
Stop wasting time on manual recuitment reporting and spreadsheets, keep your recruiters focused on high value work — recruiting!
Our technology is entirely cloud-based and can be accessed through any web browser.
No support or involvement from your IT department required
Our powerful turnkey system allows you to get up and running in weeks, not months.
Completely automated and on demand
Automated Taleo reporting means everything is now at your fingertips, at the touch of a button, the way it should be.
No more fire drills: Always have the data you need on demand
No more manually pulling data from your ATS into a spreadsheet. With ReportingDash, the applicant tracking system data is available in seconds.
Beautiful business intelligence
Every report, every metric, and every dashboard is beautiful by design.
Save time and deliver real insight to your executives
We provide you with beautiful "executive-ready" reports to share with executives or stakeholders.
Our software makes your life easier. Finally, enterprise software as good as consumer software.
No training required
You and your team don't have time to "learn another system". ReportingDash was built for recruiters by recruiters and doesn't require training.
OFCCP reporting and affirmative action compliance reports
Create EEO-1 reports, and other necessary affirmative action reporting at the touch of a button.
Concerned about an OFCCP audit or other hiring practice issues?
Use technology to save time, reduce risk, and deliver against your requirements. Being unprepared is not a strategy.