TBE Learn

A Single Platform for Learning. Too bad school wasn't this easy.

In today's competitive business environment, it's necessary for every organization to assure that it is continuously improving its employees' skills and abilities.

TBE Learn Implementation and Consulting Services

Provide your organization with a single platform for all types of learning: deliver, track, manage, and report on both formal and informal learning. Create a single platform for online, classroom, virtual, and on-the-job training, as well as assessments, blended and social learning and self-reported training.

Oracle TBE Learn Feature Implementation
Best practice configuration of TBE LearnCenters & learning portal We will customize the user experience and "internal brand" elements to craft a learning experience and tailor it for your organization and culture.
Fully configure TBE Learn company organization Our comprehensive approach drives accurate and meaningful reports to measure learning and people development at your organization.
Setup all necessary TBE Learn Assessments and Surveys Create feedback loops to measure and optimize learning and development programs at your organization.
Enable and customize traditional classroom activity management Manage classroom-based activities including wait-listing, enroll and drop, pre and post-work attachments, credit management, location and room management, and conflict resolution.
Structure content and configure TBE Learn workflows Deliver blended learning, including online learning, traditional classroom, virtual classroom, assessments, and informal learning programs.
Best practice configuration of TBE Learn social learning technology Leverage social networking technology with built-in tools like ratings, reviews, TBE discussion forums, or by embedding your organization's social tools and other related standards.
Create and configure TBE Learn Sub-portals Be strategic: deliver against unique user and organizational needs by creating sub-portals for specific employee, partner, or customer groups.
Setup reporting for the TBE Learning Module Be data driven: create, manage, and deliver accurate and flexible reports. Enable L&D users to interactively tailor reports to assure the delivery of robust learning and development programs.
TBE Learn Data Migration Services available We will partner with you to import the necessary users and related data into your TBE LearnCenter.

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Why do leading companies choose RecruitingDash?

It's not a coincidence that companies known for their great HR practices trust us to implement and maintain their Oracle Taleo Business Edition Perform system. Some of the reasons why you should work with us:

  • Our consultants have completed over 500 TBE engagements
    We live and breathe Taleo Business Edition. Simply put - nobody has more TBE consulting experience than we do.
  • We also build TBE software
    We aren't just a consulting company. We've developed proprietary software that enhances Oracle TBE and creates more value for our customers. When you choose us as your consulting partner for your Oracle TBE Learn implementation, you also receive our world class technical skills.
  • TBE is not a side consulting practice for us
    We don't do other types of systems consulting. All we do is Taleo Business Edition, so our consultants know the right questions to ask, and the right configurations to make.
  • Human capital best practices are in our DNA
    Want to maximize the ROI from your TBE Learn System? Partnering with RecruitingDash will get your TBE Learn system setup in a best practice way that is tailored for your organization.
  • We've led human resources at benchmark companies
    RecruitingDash was founded by an HR & Leadership Development executive from benchmark companies like Starbucks and Google. Our knowledge insures you get the best solution that is practical and perfect for your organization and culture.

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation scoping call where we can discss your specific compensation system requirements, give you an outline of a potential solution, and answer any questions that you may have.