Interim Recruiting Director

Need a seasoned talent acquisition leader to lead your recruiting department on an interim basis, assess the recruiting operation, or simply keep the wheels on?
We've done exactly this for organizations of all sizes.

We provide world-class recruiting leaders on an interim, part-time temporary basis in order to help clients fill short-term critical skill gaps related to talent acquisition.

Here's how RecruitingDash interim recruiting leadership works:

Customized for your needs.
We will help you assess whether you need an interim recruiting manager, interim recruiting director, or a customized, hybrid temporary recruiting leadership solution. Given our experience leading talent acquisition at some of the world's most noteworthy fast-growing companies, we will assist you with defining the specific requirements for your temporary recruiting leader, the goals and objectives you have for talent acquisition, and the specific risks related to the vacancy.

Our part-time recruiting leaders are world class.
Once we determine your specific requirements, we will present a slate of interim recruiting leaders for you to review, interview, and consider. All of our interim talent acquisition leaders are pre-vetted for quality and come with a wealth of experience and best practices from leading organizations.

Flexible terms to meet your budget.
We will craft a solution with terms that are specifically tailored to your needs:

• Hourly contract recruiting leader: Want to pay by the hour? No problem, we frequently structure engagements on hourly, pay-as-you-go basis.
• Monthly retainer: Some organizations choose to retain their temporary recruiting director on a monthly retainer. One benefit of this approach is that the cost remains fixed, and easy to budget.
• Part-time temporary recruiting leadership: Just need an interim recruiting manager on a part-time basis? No problem, we are happy to work with you to structure an engagement that exactly meets your needs.