Talent Acquisition Consulting

We will help you deploy recruiting best practices. As former recruiting leaders at some of the world's most noteworthy fast-growing companies, we have been in your shoes. We partner to deliver practical solutions that create real value.

We consult with organizations of all sizes in all industries to solve real problems. Here are some examples of issues we can help with:

Our existing approach to recruiting won't scale to support the organization's growth needs.
Feel like you are building a plane while it's flying? We understand. We are experts at designing and deploying lean recruiting process, programs and operations that scale efficiently and effectively. We will help you implement recruiting technology, and improve recruiting processes and programs that grow as your organization grows.

We struggle to produce the recruiting metrics and reports we need.
If you are tired of recruiting data fire drills and trying to measure recruiting with spreadsheets, we can help. We consult with recruiting leaders to leverage technology to deliver comprehensive recruiting metrics, human capital dashboards and advanced talent acquisition analytics.

We need more candidates!
We will evaluate your candidate generation efforts, and then develop customized candidate sourcing strategies, tools and tactics and help you deploy them in a way that doesn't break the bank but produces measurable results. We help you deliver the right talent on time and on budget.

Our hiring managers don't know how to interview or accurately assess talent.
RecruitingDash will develop custom training and deliver this behavioral interview training to hiring teams. But we will also look deeper at your assessment and recruiting process, and (in addition to training) help you deploy competency-based selection and other candidate assessment best practices so that you hire more of the right people into the right jobs.

Our process is inefficient and requires too much manual processing.
RecruitingDash is unique because we are both experts in recruiting and experts in technology. We help you select and implement the right recruiting and applicant tracking system technology to support an efficient process to deliver against the goals of the organization now and into the future. We help identify what you need, what you don't need, and deploy the right solution for your budget and requirements.

Our recruiters need help being more productive and developing better skills.
We will improve your recruiter productivity. We improve your recruiting capabilities by developing and delivering custom recruiter training and can deliver classroom, webinar, or technology based curricula.

Our Applicant Tracking System just isn't working for us
Whether it's an ATS implementation, additional applicant tracking system configuration, or CRM system evaluation, we will help you get the most out of your recruiting technology.